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DevSecOps Engineer


London, United Kingdom

Posted 2 months ago

This is a job posted by our partner Jooble

Tech stack

  • DevSecOps

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Cloud Platforms and Cloud Automation Tools

Cloud platforms and cloud automation tools play a crucial role in modern technology infrastructure. Examples of popular cloud automation tools include Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Azure ARM, and Bicep templates. These tools enable organizations to efficiently and effectively manage and provision resources in the cloud.

Software Containers and Continuous Integration Tools

Software containers, like Docker, have revolutionized the way applications are developed and deployed. Docker allows for packaging applications and their dependencies into a standardized unit, making it easier to deploy and run applications consistently across different environments. Continuous integration tools help streamline the development process by automating the testing and integration of new code changes.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of underlying infrastructure and application technologies is essential to ensure optimal system performance and user experience. By continuously monitoring various metrics, such as response times and resource utilization, organizations can detect and address performance issues before they impact users or business processes.

Join us at Lloyd's to explore these exciting areas of technology and contribute to the development of cutting-edge solutions.

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Role type

Full time

Visa sponsorship

Not provided

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