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Best Resources to Keep Up With the Crypto and Blockchain Space

Michiel Mulders

14 Apr 2022

5 min read

Best Resources to Keep Up With the Crypto and Blockchain Space
  • Blockchain

Everyone who works in the blockchain industry will agree that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry moves fast. It’s not easy to keep up to date with the rapid innovation the space experiences, even for blockchain professionals.

For that reason, it’s important to continue learning about the space to broaden your knowledge and understand new trends. To do so, you should subscribe to the right resources to provide you with valuable updates.

This blog post looks at different types of content to stay up to date with the blockchain space, such as reports and data insights, newsletters, Twitter influencers, and podcasts.

Blockchain Podcasts

Personally, I like podcasts because you can play them during a car or bike ride or whenever you have a free moment. You can even listen to a podcast while cooking dinner. Here’s an overview of the most interesting blockchain and crypto podcasts:

1. The Blockcrunch Podcast:

This podcast is focused on crypto investors who want to learn about new investment opportunities. For instance, the podcast has recently covered DeFi Governance. A new DeFi play where users can borrow assets to vote on governance proposals. Another interesting episode covers the declining popularity of staking assets to earn interest. Asset owners can earn higher yields via other DeFi use cases, hurting blockchain staking. The Blockcrunch Podcast recently covered ClayStack who uses DeFi legos to make staking assets more profitable again, and more attractive to passive holders.

2. Bankless Podcast:

A podcast for everyone who wants to learn about crypto and stay up to date with important crypto news. The podcast provides a mix of news-based episodes and technology/innovation-focused episodes. They recently covered the zkEVM, the first EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on Ethereum’s testnet, and how it can boost scalability for Ethereum.

3. The Delphi Digital Podcast:

A podcast tapping the brains of leaders across all verticals in the digital asset industry. It is hosted by Tom Shaughnessy, Piers Kicks, and the team at Delphi Digital.

Delphi Digital, the analysis-focused firm, talks about all aspects of the blockchain industry. For instance, they recently talked about Web3 and the opportunity it provides for all developers, hosting a developer relations engineer Nader Dabit at Edge & Node.

Besides that, we can also find easy-to-digest content like security best practices for preserving privacy online and protecting your crypto holdings.

4. The Metaverse Podcast by Outlier Ventures:

The Metaverse industry took off recently and deserved a podcast on its own. Therefore, Outlier Ventures (OU) has created a podcast dedicated to the Metaverse covering NFT innovation, Web3 gaming, and Metaverse stories.

For instance, OU recently hosted Nate Alex, who discusses the importance of NFT innovation and how you can make an NFT project stand out. Another exciting episode hosts Ben Lakoff discussing tokens inside NFTs. He explains how you can nest digital assets inside NFTs on the Ethereum network.

Other note-worthy podcasts include:

  • The Defiant DeFi Podcast: Cutting-edge stories of the world of DeFi with Camila Russo.
  • FTX Podcast: Covers stories of emerging and established companies in the crypto and blockchain space. The FTX Podcast tells an account of the innovators, builders, and idealists working on the financial system of the future.
  • WAGMI Podcast: Crypto market discussions with Luke Martin

Twitter Influencers

I don’t like the combination “Twitter Influencer,” but we have to admit many innovations, insights, and discussions happen on Twitter. Therefore, let’s not ignore this source of information to stay ahead of the crypto industry. Here’s an overview of worthwhile Twitter accounts to follow.

1. Jason Choi

Jason Choi is a prominent voice in the Twitter community, reaching 100,000 followers. Besides that, he’s also the founder of the Block Crunch Podcast we recommended earlier. He’s great at sharing interesting podcasts, long Twitter threads full of insights like this one about the Web3 Metaverse, or insights on funding and crypto markets.

2. The Reading Ape

If you don’t like listening to lengthy podcasts, you can follow The Reading Ape on Twitter. This account with over 5,000 followers summarizes key learnings from podcasts and shares them on Twitter. Their insights also come in handy when deciding which podcast is worth your time listening to.

3. Richard Chen

Richard is a General Partner at 1confirmation, sharing mostly data-related content. His Twitter feed is filled with content created by Dune Analytics and other data-minded creators. Here’s an interesting post he recently shared about evaluating NFT financialization methods.

4. Darren Lau

Darren has gathered a large audience well above the 100k mark. He mostly talks about DeFi and different L1 chains while also being the author of the book “How To DeFi.” One of his most popular tweets talks about the basic skill tree for people looking to get into crypto. Take a look if you are a developer trying to get into the blockchain industry.

Tip: Will Robinson is a Crypto Twitter underdog with a strong interest in game studies and tokenomics. He shares learnings about the Web3 Metaverse and gaming.

Reports and Insights

Lastly, let’s look at newsletters and reporting websites that provide digests, reports, and insights into the crypto industry.

1. The Daily Gwei

The Daily Gwei provides daily commentary on the Ethereum ecosystem. Besides that, they also dive deeper into more technical topics and analyze them. Here are some of the most popular analysis posts they have shared.

  • This is EIP-1559: Explains this new token standard.
  • Tokens, Tokens Everywhere: Tokens are a powerful way to bootstrap new ecosystems and drive adoption, but do we always need them?
  • To Bridge or Not to Bridge: Cross-chain bridges provide a lot of opportunities for users, including a better user experience for people hopping across chains, but what are the additional risks for them?

2. Messari Research

Messari is a strong provider of research-focused content to support crypto investors, blockchains, and VCs. They provide weekly recaps but also research reports on crypto-related matters. Note that some of the content is locked behind a paywall.

3. DeFi Prime

If you scroll down on the DeFi Prime website, you’ll find the blog section. They are a well-known provider for weekly insights into DeFi news. Besides that, they also publish research-focused content. To give an example, here’s an analysis of implementing IAD principles in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

4. Forefront

Forefront covers Web3 and social crypto, such as social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs. They provide a weekly roundup of the most important news while also running a podcast. To make it easier to digest their podcast, you can take a look at each summary blog post.

Want to learn more? If you want to learn more about blockchain and crypto, look at some of the previous blog posts covering the best books to learn about blockchain and crypto. Happy learning!

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